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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I agree that Broncos seem a little cheap lately, but Mebane had said he preferred to stay in Seattle last yr. Not every player can be signed but Broncos obviously not trying all that hard last few years. Sucks because there were some great young FA in this crop.

IMO they might as well just tell Manning the offer is pulled. Let Condon explain to Alex Smith how getting Manning a deal with the niners, while he was supposed to get Smith a deal with the Niners, is good agenting.
Of course if the money is equal a player would choose to not upset his personal life.

But Mebane talked openly about his doubts that he would return to Seattle, showing a willingness to consider a move, and then visited Denver last off-season. Multiple sources even said they just viewed Mebane's deal as "too expensive" for them.

They didn't lose Mebane because Seattle matched the Bronco's offer at the 11th hour to retain him. The Broncos didn't even match Seattle's offer, so why the hell would he leave his home of the last few years for less money?

At this point we don't have enough info to know how exactly they lost out on Soliai, but its a pretty damning sign when for the second year in a row the first established player you want in for a visit is a DT and for the second year in a row that guy returns to his previous team on a pretty reasonable contract.
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