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Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Peyton's agent really has him in the catbird's seat.

Three teams, in a bidding war, that's being followed almost non-stop by the press from coast to coast.

Denver, a playoff team, 2d highest cap room in the NFL, with management wanting desperately to get out of the Tebowmania bind.

Tennessee, winning record, already considers him a homegrown hero, and the owner is willing to write a blank check. Even the governor is begging him to sign.

San Francisco. Final four last year. One botched play from the super bowl. willing to set aside its own young star QB.

And this is for an aging QB with serious injury issues who wasn't able to play a down last year.

Tease, tease, tease.

Now looking like the girl from Ipanema.

Not bad, Mr. Colston. Your job is done and Peyton can do whatever he wants.

Expect many more clients in the near future.
Agree with all but one point. His agent is Tom Condon
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