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As a huge pac-12 guy, I have seen A LOT of Burfict. Let me tell you something. Too say that this kid is good, is an understatement. To say he is a little out of control, is like saying Barry Bonds took a few drugs. That kid is certifiable. He also is amazing. It is hard to watch really. He will dominate a game from the Middle linebacker spot like a Ray Lewis in his prime, but then he gives it all back on a personal fowl and an ejection when he goes nuts on a Referee for calling an offsides. I mean, I can't even do justice to the kind of wacked out, out of his MIND this kid is!!! If they can find some sort of medication that will even him out, and still get the results. Sure, but other than that, stay AWAY from this kid!
Other than his 5.0 forty speed, missed tackles, lost in space zone coverage and even his coaches BENCHING him in las Vegas bowl he would be great. What do I know though OM posters know more than college and pro coaches.
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