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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
If you believe that then I have some really great ocean front beach property for sale in El Paso.
The guy is pure ego. If he is anal about taking EVERY rep in practice. He is going after every record on the books that he can get.

He has more money than he or his family could ever spend if it was not for ego and records why is he playing for a few more years.
To excel. To push himself. To compete. To take the gifts God blessed you with and develop them to the fullest. "Res firma mitacre nescit". To savor and prolong every drop of the thrill you get by playing football in front of fans. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I am guessing you never played sports competitively, right? If it was easy to just dial back the desire and will to compete and excel because he had more money than he could spend or was aging...he would never have had what it took to get to where he did in the first place.

It is what separates him from players like Haynesworth...those that have the physical skill but don't have the will or desire after being 'shown the money'. It is what makes him a HoFer and worthy of us stalling the career of a semi-promising young QB that has the same will and desire characteristics that he does.
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