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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
funny story... me and a couple of friends down her in Colombia went to a city here called Manizales. This city happens to grow the plant called Cacao Sabanero which produces the fruit whose seeds contain the toxins. It is said that the toxins are so strong that if you were to fall asleep under this tree, you could go crazy. Not high crazy,...I mean nuthouse crazy.

Anyway... we had no respect for the craziness level this seeds produce and went on and ingested about 12 each. Next thing we now... it's 12 hours later and we are all getting detoxed at an emergency clinic. We have no memory of what happened during those 12 hours other than what witnesses tell us. Pretty funny ****... but because we where lucky. The whole story is for another thread because it's a really long one.
Did it involve Tysons tiger or a tranny strip club? Maybe a new wife?
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