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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
And that's exactly my problem with chasing Manning. We go away from a fundamental approach to building a competitive team to chasing parts and pieces to suit PM. We need a running game and we need to stop the running game. We need to generate pressure on QB's in as many ways as possible because we have an aging (and aged) secondary that lacks depth. We need a strong front 7 so that means going DT/MLB early and often. Now with DJ's uncertainty...well that's just one more thing.
True, but the Broncos if signing Manning are going to find players that can help the team win now and not so much players that will take 2-3 years. But if they don't get Manning, they will need a high pick on a QB since Tebow is not their guy and will be gone regardless. I could see them drafting a DT, but not higher than the 2nd round and more likely 3rd unless they traded down and got multiple picks. But I would expect a RB to be taken kind of high too.
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