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Originally Posted by Wobet Selur View Post
Why should Denverdo this? It looks like to me Denveris going to watch Peyton throw. This is for their benefit not Peyton's They need to see what they mightbe investing in. By the way this has onlybeen going on 7 days. I know it seems longer but actually he has visited 4 teams and narrowed his deciondown to two teams in seven days. I imagine we will all know within a couple days wherehe wants to play.

I love the fact that Elwayis now Denver's closer. Without him I do not think Denver would have stood a chance.
Nobody with half a brain goes into an auction without knowing the limit they'll pay for something. That shouldn't be effected by what somebody else's limit is. You don't just keep bouncing back and forth, raising the price for yourself and others to the benefit of the seller. At some point you say, "This is my final offer. Is it good enough, or not?"
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