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See, this is what I mean. The longer this drags on... it give other teams the chance to jump in and leave a cloud of dust. The 49ers and Raves make too much sense. But I would cross the Ravens off since for some reason they enamored with Flacco and HOU would not be even considered sinse their owner already said so. That's why the 49ers makes too much sense as a team that could jump in. They somehow managed to sign Moss... as we all know... Alex Smith is not his type of QB. But maybe their coach is...
both sides think the Smith deal is a great one and keep saying it will get done...after signing Rogers they have about 18 million in cap space...Harbaugh could be sneaky but the bay area has more leaks than NY's sewer system....the national media wouldve sniffed out the niners name already....this manning thing could go on for 2 more weeks...if the niners still havent inked smith after next week then id be worried
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