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Originally Posted by Steve Sewell View Post
Sorry bud, but in this thing we call the "professional" world, its common courtesy to let the person who you're meeting with know who will be in attendance.

However, I can certainly understand why you would be ignorant to nuances such as this. :-)
I'm not saying Peyton doesn't know. But it's not his decision.

"Yeah, hey guys, I guess if you want I'd do a work out for you, but whatever you do, don't bring that ****ing McCoy. I watched the beginning of that Pats game. I can't even look at him. If you bring him and I sign, I'll fire his ass on the spot. And have Foxy bring me one of those Mango Daiquiris from Shenanigans. I've had one of those every time I'm in Denver to celebrate owning the Broncos"
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