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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
There is a two hour time difference so they will be moving through rush hour traffic at the meeting end.

Either they are picking him up ( No need for entire staff to go then but they might want to) , or its a workout , ( no need again) , Or its a push to try to get Manning to sign with us today. And that means that he hasn't made up his mind ( Surprise, Surprise!). Or he is leaning to Tenn, so they are bringing everyone but Defense and Bowlen to convince him. ALL IN.

Having now seen how quickly Manning makes business decisions, do you think they can get out of there in 2-3 hours? I don't, unless he actually tells us its Tenn right up front, and doesn't listen to the pitch.

Manning keeps leaving the door open for others.....and that is why they are all going. If he doesn't sign today, it is not going to happen, and Elway, the car salesman, is going to try to CLOSE. Manning needs convincing!
Also, think about how stupid this basic argument is. Do you think they give a **** about rushing back to Denver to talk to Jameel McClain and Marcus Trufant?

I can see it now. Manning's in mid-sentence and Elway winces and taps his watch. "Sorry, Peyton, I know we've been swinging on your jock the past week, just flew here to watch you workout, and try to sign you in an effort to make the broncos contenders over the next 4 years, but we need to get back to Denver to sign a middle linebacker few people outside of baltimore know about"
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