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Originally Posted by jhns View Post
Using your calculations, how do you get 7-8?

Leave at 8:30.

+3 hours for flight = 11:30

+2 hour meeting = 1:30

+3 hour flight back = 4:30

Your time leaves an editional three hours for meeting with Manning, for five total, if they don't come back until 7:30. 7:30 isn't too late either. Take them to dinner after the defensive staff works them out.
Because they aren't going to be beamed to the meet place. 30-45 minutes travel to work out spot. Getting clearances for flight plan , etc. 15 minutes.
They aren't taking the plane to the meeting place, and landing in the parking lot.

At best they make it back by 700P. If that happens its because PM is with them and they are picking him up, or he tells them no in the first Hour, and asks them to leave.
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