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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I agree with the concept of building a team. Elway has been on a championship team. And if there's one guy who can appreciate the benefits of a good running game, I assure you, it's Elway.
Absolutely. If we get Manning now my concern is that we lose sight and financial ability to really build the core of these things to move forward. If they get Manning they will need to significantly improve their draft success going forward because that truly is the best "value" pool to draw from.

Again, I think we have something very special in TT and he is a player worth investing in and worth putting chips on the table for. I think his physical abilities are rare for any position. Commitment, work ethic, leadership, all traits that can not be coached. Can't happen. The only problem he has is throwing the damn ball. BFD. As much as TT gets harped on for being in the NFL and not tossing an NFL ball I say we have NFL coaches. Damn them if they can't coach a guy like TT to throw a damn ball. Period. End of story. If they can't teach TT to throw a football then they have no business being a part of the game, at any level, whatsoever. Period. End of story. No questions, no doubts, no arguments.
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