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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I don't see how paying Frankenpeyton more than Tom Brady (or anyone else in the league) is 'about right'

And the injury clauses mean next to nothing to me. You can get the money back, but you can't get what you would've done with that money back. If they pull the trigger on this, they'll be completely undoing what they said their long term plan was. And that was the right plan.

If they guarantee the guy 40, which is what everyone's saying, that's at least a 20 million hit for 2 years on the cap. Protection beyond that is almost worthless, because that's the point at which we're the 2011 Colts.

Starting over. Probably with no Champ. Von starting to think about where to go on his next contract, same with DT. Doom'll be looking to get his final big contract and will shop.

This team will completely expire all at once. Right in time for a 2012 Colts style fire sale. Except assuming Peyton plays us into an early playoff exit the year before, we'll have nothing resembling Andrew Luck to console us (or attract talent)

We're playing to become the 2011 Colts in 2014. Except with more downside. The only thing that makes the risk worth it is a trophy. And Manning's good for that once every 14 years, if you give him some of the best talent in the league.

This play by our front office is the dumbest risk the franchise has ever taken.
I know all of the downsides and I agree but, at the end of the day, I'm a hopeless optimist and I have to find the positive in this because the alternative is to give a **** about another team and I just don't have it in me to quit these f'ers. And that is probably what pisses me off the most. They got me by the nuts. DAMMIT!!!

I think de plane de plane is a STRONG signal this thing gets done today or tomorrow at the latest.

My prayer is that somehow TT ends up sticking around and learning, we upgrade at C and DL, we get Tolbert and draft Turbin and DT (among others) and win the whole. ****in. thing.
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