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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
Because building a great running game, solid OL, and defense are never a bad idea. No matter who is under center. If TT isn't the guy, what have they lost? We shouldn't be satisified with our FO putting us in a position where we need a Peyton Manning talent to truly compete and succeed. While QB is important they should be working to make it as much of a plug and play position as humanly possible by putting talent at all areas. I focus on a running game that is top knotch (Elway can agree with that), physical receivers (DT fits the need there), and stout lines.

On D that means working up the middle with good DTs, MLB, and safeties, putting speed on the outside. Champ is Champ; once in a lifetime talent and we are blessed to have him because he covers up a lot of deficiencies in the secondary and in the front seven because of his exceptional, by any standard, tackling ability and uncanny drive to meet RBs at the LOS and make the play rather than dive and pray or just getting out of the way (looking at you prime time).
I agree with the concept of building a team. Elway has been on a championship team. And if there's one guy who can appreciate the benefits of a good running game, I assure you, it's Elway.
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