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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
As the glitter and glow of Bud's big offer get scrutinized next to the negatives of being a Titan the longer one looks at it the more cerebral and less emotional the decision becomes. Which favors Denver.

And I still don't think Manning is good for the long term competitiveness of this team so I'm not thrilled to agree with you but reality is what it is.

On the flipside, as many have said, it's Peyton Manning. Assuming the price is right (about $20M/yr), with protection clauses for injury to the neck (because just protecting against all injuries would be ludicrous from Manning's standpoing and he'd be right), and the Broncos have done their due diligence on his throwing etc then I have a hard time seeing how we totally lose in this deal. Short term we get Manning, if we don't get him we still have a long term plan in place. That said, without PM this FO better get its **** wired tight with respect to TT because playing QB is as much about confidence, swagger, and having the freedom to fail as it is about physical talent or mechanics and this FO just insists upon dragging TT's confidence through the outhouse ****ter and anyone who disagrees with that take is full of **** or hasn't been paying attention. Being a coach and managing players is part game part psychology.
You're asking Elway and company to go all in on McDaniel's roll of the dice. Why should they?
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