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Originally Posted by rbackfactory80 View Post
This place is funny. When I first joined here I loved certain posters, mostly because they were on the same side as me. Then another big issue came up and the crowd mixed into different sides again. Some of the posters I originally loved took the other side and they began to piss me off. Now we are at a crossroads again. It really is difficult to find posters that have been on the same side of the serious battles every time together for years.

I was a Plummer guy
I hated Cutler
Huge Tebow over Orton guy
Now a keep Tebow/Screw manning guy

Ahhh yes, this should be a thread you's how I went

Plummer guy all the way
Cutler guy even
Kyle Orton for half a heartbeat
Hated Kyle Orton......stil do
Love tebow
Want manning
Want to keep tebow
Want manning so we can get rid of McCoy
Want tebow to learn from manning
Want tebow to actually play in an offense and not something my 5 year old does on the wii
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