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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
These are totally contradictory. I have never disagreed that they'll bring in QBs; that's a given. Tony is not talking about vets or late round picks.

True, but I argue that Tebow won the right to the job (manning aside here) based on leading this team to a division title and a playoff win.

What signs, exactly?
Gut feeling, or whatever. Elways faint praise and non committal commitments.

I LIKE Tebow. I also think he deserves to have the job. I wish they would truly try to develope him.

But, I don't think Elway really believes he can be developed, or that he wants to take the time. That remains to be seen. Elway knows that a lot of the fan base is invested in Tebow and likes him. He can go after a Manning and explain it away...Opportunity knocks!

Investing in a high draft pick at QB when we have so many other needs would be one sign pointing to trying to replace Tebow. Scouting QBs that are going to be High round picks would be another. Therefore, I said a low pick is likely, since the fans are watching. Investing significant JACK in an unproven FA QB would also be a sign the fans would notice. Elways options are limited with FAs at QB.

Now ....., a reliable veteran QB that has been around and performed well...that is something he can justify again. Every team wants a reliable vet to bring along the Young-uns and back them up. Can't spend too much though. And a lower round pick that can be developed in 1-2 years and already has the skill set Tebow Doesn't...that can be done.

I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory . I don't think it goes that far. But I think it also sounds like what the Broncos are doing.

We are going to have to wait and see. If we draft a qb high or spend too much on a FA QB it will be clearer.

I hope Tebow is working his tail off.
Maybe this Manning thing will motivate him to show Elway up.
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