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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
The qualifier (because I'm fairly confident you don't know what that means) where you said, "I could be wrong". Get it?
You are so FOS. Give me a break.

My quote, about which I've turned out to be 100 correct:
I could be completley wrong. But I found his comments far from unequivocal. Instead of saying Tebow is the unquestioned future at the QB position he basically says he gets to start camp out as the starter. I think this says something, but again maybe I'm reading something in to nothing. But if you put all of Elway's comments together I don't think he's sold on Tebow and if he figures out a way to land a replacement he'll do it.
Your response, which looks even more foolish in hindsight than it did then:
You're wrong. You're blinded by your hope that Tebow will flop.
You're exposed. The prosecution rests.
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