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Are you for real? Last year we accomplished something we had only done once since the the last time Elway played. We won a PLAYOFF game! Your logic is idiotic, what standards did Tebow fallow? Cutler went 2-3 in 2006 (with a really good defense) he then went 7-9 and latter 8-8. Lets not start with Orton! Talking about a QB getting run out of Town 5 games into his career. What a loser you are!!! Last year Tebow 7-4 and a playoff win!!! GTFO loser!!! At least try to be objective like most of the poster here FAG!!! (South Park reference)
Ohh, I think a touched a nerve there didn't I? The realization of Tebow having to truely compete for a QB spot on other team who did not waste a 1st round pick kinda puts salt on the wound huh? I'm not going to educate you on the Broncos.
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