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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
They dont?

Their OL is DRAMATICALLY better in any and every category.

Their WRs are better, their TE crop is WAY better

Oh and Chris Johnson......

Of course that's not mentioning their defense also being superior in every category.
Defense is def better for sure, I just dont think they are THAT much better where it would make too much of a difference in his decision making. We were still i nthe top 8 last year. And I dont buy that their WRs are better than ours. Our WRs never had much of a chance to prove **** in the offense they were in.

Regardless, I think its going to be about comfortability in the organization and how much latitude they will give him within the offense (and money, of course). I dont feel they have any distinct advantage other than its a calmer town where he played his college football, and his wife is from there and might want to return home.

Again, there are a gazillion other factors that will go into his decision that we are not privy to. It might just ultimately be a gut instinct on his part.
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