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That sounds like a bunch of subjective crapola to me. They don't have better anything than us. And what about Peytons perfprmance over the past 10 years says to you that he'd have trouble learning any team anywhere at anytime? None. He's literally beaten everyone. So I find it hard to believe he'll make a life changing decision based on playing the Colts twice a year. Or playing in a dome. Or playing with different personal. Or playing for a dollar amount.
Tenn Den
Points per game 21st 25th
Total yards game 17th 23rd
Rush yards game 31st 1st
pass yards game 12th 31st

Points per game 8th 24th
total yards game 18th 20th
rush yards game 24th 22nd
pass yards game 14th 18th

titans lead in 6 of 8 catagories.....clearly not subjective.
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