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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Of course, there are many things that don't make the stats sheet. How many plays did Tebow make that weren't in the playbook? In other words, how many times did he not read the D, break the pocket after his first read was covered, and then make something up that goes in the books as a completion? How much of the standard playbook was not even available because he can't do a three step drop and a quick out or throw a quick slant over the middle or a button hook? I charted every play in two games and Tebow threw one, quick button hook to Royal over the middle. And that one, Royal had to fall on because it was so low. No YAC. How many drops were from receivers running all over the field trying to make something up? That doesn't show up in the stats sheet.

Tebow is exciting to watch. No doubt. So is a demolition derby.

How do you plan ahead when so many plays are made up on the run?
Sure, I agree. I just think we have enough evidence with these players playing with a different, conventioanl QB to know that they don't suck BECAUSE of the QB. They mostly just suck.
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