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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by montrose View Post
This has been the most hilarious thing over the last few days hearing pundits talk about how much talent the Broncos have and implying Manning fixes the one, major weakness. From Colin, to pretty much every local host, to Griese, and of course the ESPN guys facing Skip- it's like they just can't pass up any opportunity to take a shot on Tim. This is just some of what I've heard this week:

* They have an amazing defense that carried them to wins despite Tebow (The defense did play well during the win streak but they're still with major flaws. Just look at their ranking and play against good QBs)

* The Broncos have a top 5 OL (Really? The same OL that most Tebow-doubters were destroying in their attempts to defend Orton because he didn't have any time? Rev can speak to the benefits a mobile QB gives an OL. BTW, they got destroyed by NE in the playoff game)

* They have the top run game in the NFL (Check their rushing stats before #15 went into the lineup and the zone-read was put in play.)

* Decker and DT are top WR prospects but you can't evaluate them with a QB like Tebow (I like both guys, DT looked pretty damn good with Tebow to me. Decker would probably benefit more from a conventional offense but the fact both guys dropped passes at such a high clip didn't help)

* J.Thomas was drafted with huge expectations but he cant play with Tebow either (So why were so many key passes of Tebows to Fells and Rosario?)

* Mike McCoy did an incredible job morphing a gameplan around his limited QB (I give him credit for not being stubborn but outside of the Steelers and Raiders games that had really innovative playcalling that attacked all areas of the field, did anyone love his playcalling? Especially in the Patriots playoff game?)

It is literally as if these clowns dismiss the team was 1-4 with Orton (or if they don't they just have to throw out that they finished 1-4, so I suppose touche) and the worst team in the league over the last two years before the switch. Tebow took over the same team Orton couldn't win with (minus their only Pro Bowler on offense actually) and at least had SOME success.

Now I'm not a Tebow homer- I have no clue if he's going to be a good QB, I doubt he can overcome an organization that doesn't support him and I completely recognize that they'll have difficulty recruiting players to join him on offense. But the way he's being buryed with facts being distorted is just irresponsible.
^ That

And Im ****ing FINE with Manning (dont think hes coming here, but fine with it).

My problem is were still not doing jack or dick to improve a talent bereft football that, quite frankly, sucks dick at nearly every roster spot.
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