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Originally Posted by OEII View Post
I disagree. First, I think tebow fans are waking up a preverbal giant in bronco fans and PM or no PM, a very realistic 2-12 season posted by him as the QB next season would have him shipped out at the end of the year anyway. Tebow should thank Orton and McDummy for the recent lowered standard in Denver, because had the standards that got Shanny fired been in place last year, Tebow would have been ran out of town if not after the Detroit game, definitely after the buffalo game. Because of Orton and McDummy, Bronco fans have lowered its standards a bit; but Elway has not. The Manning move: whether they sign him or not, is genius in that it's waking up the fans to the standard set by him, Super Bowl contenders year in and year out. Once Bronco fans wake up after being asleep the last few years, Tebow's play simply is unacceptable, period!

Second, most Bronco fans love - LOVE - Elway's bold moves to win now. He knows nothing else’s and true Broncos fans know that about him. You need to wake up the realities of the NFL. Tebow has no guarantees. He knows that, and its time Tebow fans realize that. The NFL is business and its business is winning. Even a HOF'er like Manning gets replaced. Wake up.

Lastly, you’re standard for Manning and yet the low standard that you have for Tebow is funny. However, it means nothing. If Manning accepts a $20m+ a year contract, there is no doubt he is "super bowl caliber" so your empty "threats" to Elway is redic. Manning turned down a 100 million contract offered by the colts after his third neck surgery because he didn't want to waste the colt's money or cap space should he not recover. I live in Indy, and have a good vantage point with respect to Manning. He is a class act, and this isn't about the money its about his legacy right now. If he wasn't the Manning that everybody knows, he wouldn't be doing all this right now. If Elway signs him, Denver is a super bowl contender.

Oh and one more thing, If Elway gets this done Tebow fans have a lot more to worry about than simply his hurt feelings or how Manning plays. The way it looks right now, there isn't much of a market for Tebow. Should Denver not find anybody to trade with, they could release him. That means Tebow will not be in the NFL next year, and or could possibly be relegated to a practice squad. His leverage as a 1st round pick is only against the Broncos, no other team would have that. If Denver releases him, every other team would pick him up as a flyer, therefore Tebow had better learn to play QB or accept an H-back move because he will see the field or even be in the NFL if he dosen't.
Are you for real? Last year we accomplished something we had only done once since the the last time Elway played. We won a PLAYOFF game! Your logic is idiotic, what standards did Tebow fallow? Cutler went 2-3 in 2006 (with a really good defense) he then went 7-9 and latter 8-8. Lets not start with Orton! Talking about a QB getting run out of Town 5 games into his career. What a loser you are!!! Last year Tebow 7-4 and a playoff win!!! GTFO loser!!! At least try to be objective like most of the poster here FAG!!! (South Park reference)
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