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You want to credit all those wins to Tebow. Fact is, teams were not prepared to play against Tebow's spread option attack. However, towards the end of the season the Broncos were pretty much shut down. The Broncos went 1-3 in the last 4 games which sucks. The Broncos also got humiliated by the NE twice.
See this is the type of argument that effectively tells me you're not a football fan.

We were not playing a spread option offense. You can't run a "SPREAD" (keyword) offense with 2 receivers on the field. It defies the definition. McCoy's alignments were completely unfamilar to Tebow, who had no offseason and not a single week of reps with his receivers before being thrown in after "Best Chance to Win"

NE b**** slapped the Broncos twice in like 6 weeks. When the Broncos face teams with good QBs, they struggled.
Tebow played well in the first NE game. Nearly 300 total yards, some turnovers (1 was his) Offense moved pretty well. The D had no answer for Brady or Gronk/Hernandez. And in the playoff game the O-Line put on the worst performance in years, with a complete meltdown by the D.

Tebow could never have won either of those games. And neither could Manning. The Broncos were plainly and obviously outgunned from top to bottom.
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