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OK I've read much of this thread and this is my take.

If the Bronco's dump Tebow because they have an old, injured HOA QB for a few years at best I will dump the Broncos as my favorite team of 41 years.

Tebow has earned his shot. If he doesn't get it F the Bronco organization. I don't want to be a fan of a classless organization. There is already too many classless persons playing the sport.
I can appreciate the sentiment. I honestly don't know if it will make me angry enough to go that far. I've decided to hold back final judgement until I see what they do with/how they treat Tebow.

I can't imagine a fall not caring about the Denver Broncos. But maybe it'll just happen. Maybe I just won't care as much or at all. Whatever happens, I think I'll just let it happen organically based on how I feel.

I doubt I'm going to go out and burn all my Broncos stuff or anything. Other than maybe the Elway fathead.
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