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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by bigbucks24 View Post
I completely agree with you. If you get a chance to upgrade, you do it. If that upgrade gives you the chance to get out from underneath a very popular player that doesn't fit into your future plans, all the better. I just don't believe that the "chief" motivation in chasing Manning was to get rid of said popular player. I think the main motivation was Elway wanting to upgrade the most important position in sports with a HOF QB in an attempt to win a SB. Anyone claiming that they have inside information or a "hunch" to the contrary, is spewing BS, in my opinion.
Montrose... as he noted... just might be doing some "venting". Major changes can mean frustration when a "given" poster doesn't necessarily agree with the direction the team's taking. While it's exciting to even imagine how good this team could be with Manning under center, some fans are going to feel disappointment that the side effect of signing him would be that another player they love (Tebow) will either be traded to another team or holding a clipboard.

And in reality... if Tebow isn't going to have a chance to play... it's a valid question if maybe the draft pick we'd get via trading him... might. And might even make a positive impact for the team now and in the future.
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