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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
I think there may be 2 separate points in what Montrose was saying.

Point #1... whenever there's any possibility of acquiring a future first-ballot HOF QB, especially without the need to compensate his old team, then it's just business to pursue that option.

Point #2... if we don't win "the Manning Sweepstakes", I don't think it's a reach to presume that we're still going to be going a different direction than "with Tebow" in the near future. Tebow may one day develop into a fine young QB but right now his skill set doesn't fit the offensive scheme EFX wants to run. Everything they've said and done points this way.
Here is what montrose said:
But my understanding is the chief reason behing the motivation is it gives football operations an opportunity to make a move with the incumbent without needing to justify it to ownership and customers.
He isn't saying it is good business. He isn't saying that he is moving in another direction so Peyton makes sense. He is saying his chief motivation for chasing Manning is to help him get rid of Tebow. Am I reading this incorrectly?
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