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D.J. Williams

See that's what I dont understand, Raj. I get that they think it will fail and I could see why they want to build for the pass on offense and against the pass on defense cause thats where the league is, but its just one more year. Its just one more year to evaluate if he can progress as a passer to a decent point. He hasnt even gotten a real summer to develop yet. The worst thing that could happen is you have a bad year and I suspect we werent going to be great anyway with this schedule (assuming no Manning ofcourse), so I'm not seeing a huge oppurtunity lost here with giving Tebow one more year to try and progress. BTW, Weeden would be a stupid pick. He's already too old, by the time he adjusts to the league, he's 30, so its already over. That's just dumb that they would want him.
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