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Originally Posted by rbackfactory80 View Post
Seems teams are backing off to me. When Denver is his top choice something doesn't seem right.

As far as your article--go to yahoo. There is an article today about curing alcoholism through use of LSD. My point, don't believe everything you read.

Either way Manning is a headcase, seems to be a classic over thinker. In the back of his mind, even if his neck is stronger as some would suggest, his head has to believe that and when he can't tell what is coming from his blindside I hope he is not fearing getting crunched. He has to believe in that neck like it is perfect. That would be difficult. Too risky for me.

Houston Passed
49ers passed with Alex Smith

Just a handful of teams looking at him seriously. Not great for one of the best all time. If he was a healthy 36 year old we would have no chance. In fact he would still be a Colt.
This is the way I see it too. This place is famous for falling in love with the big name.

I would rather spend the cap space on talent for Tebow.
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