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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Paul Soliai isn't all that impressive to me. I think he is solid don't get me wrong but Cofield can rush the passer so he should get paid more. Carr I like, I think he is worth the money. Still it's a lot for a number 2 CB. I like a guy like Marcus Trufant who will be cheaper.

Really if it was Cofield, JJ, and Nicks then yeah I would take them over Manning but, Soliai just doesn't wow me even more so given the fact that I think we can get a number two CB cheaper.
We can bicker about semantics, but the point is, I've just showed you multiple examples of fitting several great players in the same $ as 1 neck-fused 36 y/o Peyton Manning.

I love him, and I won't lament the signing if it happens (which I vehemently believe it won't), but I do think there's a better approach towards building the TEAM with the $ that's apparently available to the FO.
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