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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
You are making a lot of assumptions that aren't necessarily true. I'm sure Elway promised Manning upgrades, but that does not mean Manning demanded specific players. Frankly, I'd be surprised if he did. That doesn't seem to be his style, and he can't control whether or not Wayne or his other Colts buddies sign with us. You can sign FAs both for immediate neeed AND the future if you target younger players.
True...but I'm sure that they are offering Manning a lot of input and some say as to the players and positions that are brought in. Manning is VERY smart and will be an instant O-coordinator candidate the day he retires from playing. He will get multiple offers to coach.

Yes, he could have offered financial guarantees to Indy, or taken a cut in pay.
He probably did....maybe just not enough. But, Irsay and the Colts released him, because of that and the fact that retaining him is a SHORT TERM deal. And he probably wanted the #1 pick traded to bring in fresh talent and restock for a run at the bowl. They decided that the future was in Luck.

The point is, he will want players that can have almost immediate impact because of his timeline. If Denver gives him that much control or say he will do his best to use it and get to a bowl. And I would expect that he will cut a
break on his contract ( not 20 mill but in the 14-15 mill range) to accomplish it. If Denver reneges on that he will not renew that contract ( series of 1 year deals at HIS option to renew) and go elsewhere or retire.

Yes, I'm making assumptions. Because MANNING is in control. He can get what he wants, and the teams are the ones that are begging for his services.
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