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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Who says that we can't still build through the draft if we sign Manning? The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If we go out and sign a bunch of guys over 30 and trade away draft picks along with signing Manning, then you will have a point. But what if we sign productive but younger free agents (i.e. Ben Grubbs, Mike Tolbert, Pierre Garcon, just for a few examples of the younger, quality players available) and keep all of our draft picks? Assuming that the overall building plan will be abandoned if we sign Manning is not at all a certainity.
You forget that Elway is going to have to promise to do everything PM needs and wants to get to the superbowl. Either he is going to let Manning have a lot of say on draft choices and players, or he is going to renege on commitments he makes to get him to come here. Manning doesn't have time to wait as he is getting older every year. His realistic maximum is 3 years.

We will be drafting for immediate need, and getting FA for immediate need. If given that kind of deal, Manning will take a substantially lower salary to allow his selected team to use that money for the FA he wants.

Once you cross this bridge you are crossing the Rubicon. There will be no going back.
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