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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
It would really depend on what happened with Tim. If, for instance, he got traded to Jacksonville and played poorly, then most people would probably regard his 2011 success as a fluke, and it could be safely assumed that whatever result achieved with Manning would be better than any that would have been had with Tebow. Of course, if Tim established himself as an elite QB, or even a really good one, that would increase what we would need to achieve with Manning in order for it to be regarded as a success. On the other hand, if we actually keep Tebow, I don't see where there is much downside. To me, it all would center on what happens with Tebow.
Tim's winning % last year is higher than Peyton's 2010, and he won a playoff game against the defending AFC Champs, whereas Peyton lost in the WC round. And that's each with an equally poor supporting cast judging by their records without them (And Orton's > Painter)
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