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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post

Thats why you don't let guys your trying to sign leave town. But for some reason, people were arguing that 'Manning is different,' really he promised those other teams so he has to go, but he will be back.

Shanny used to have guys on the plane and at the facilities at 12:01 so they could be signed once FA started. I can only think of one time where a player we coveted left without a contract that we still landed.

So much pressure is brought to bear when they are getting the pitch that you expect someone who is interested to take the offer. If they pass the offer wasnt good enough or they were not interested.

FA don't just show up out of curiosity. These dog and pony shows the team puts on are not done for goodwill purposes either.
Reggie white and many other big time FA did a tour then decided right? Manning an exception. Not many big time QBS ever hit the FA market. The usually get traded at end of the career etc etc. Or just are so washed up its not a big circus.
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