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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
I agree with you

It would be awesome to have a great QB again. Do I expect SB rings no but, at least we could have a shot for 1-3 years. If Tebow starts in 12 my goal will be can he beat a healthy good team or not. We lucked out alot in 11 with timely opponent injuries that made the playoff run alot easier.

At this point I am just done with this nonsense QB driven drama that is annually the Broncos offseason. Denver should have a plan for the guys they would need if Manning was not a FA. Signing Manning does not fix the defense. It does not bring in the #2 CB, a vet safety, a MLB with coverage skills or depth and talent along the defensive line.

The over the top enthusiasm about a 36 year old QB who had 4 surgeries on his neck and still has nerve damage is pure insanity. He is somehow going to get Denver back to a SB? Will the offense improve? Of course it will. So instead of losing 7-3 games we lose games 45-38.

It seems Bronco fans prefer pretty losses to ugly wins. It makes me want to punch a preemie.

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