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Originally Posted by Broncojef View Post
I like him too but Manning on the team puts us in contention mode now, there will be no grooming. Tebow needs snaps at this point period, his clipboard days are done. Get what you can for him and drive on.
We made it to the second round of the playoffs this past year. We won a single game less on the regular season than the eventual Super Bowl champions.

We did that after a 1-4 start leading to a QB change. Our new QB was making his 4th to 17th starts this season (including the playoffs) without having any off-season work and having his pre-season/camp work relegated to the second string.

Our defense was a bottom half of the league unit statistically, and their complete failure is what ended the playoffs for us. We now have an off-season to address the gaping holes and lack of depth on that unit.

From the start of the 2011 season to the end of it we changed both of our starting WRs, our starting RB, and fielded a rookie RT, two second year interior linemen who have yet to spend a full off-season at the NFL level, and a LT who still hasn't had a full off-season of rehab from a serious knee injury two years ago.

Even the most pragmatic estimate on how much the 2011 club can improve for the 2012 season should have us viewed as a contending club. The division is not getting stronger. Oakland has no ammo to improve and was our closest threat. San Diego will lose additional key pieces this off-season and gets another year older with the holdovers from the Shotty era. KC still has no answers at corner and is betting on a HC who failed once already to make something out of a shallow roster with many key players needing to rebound from serious injuries.

Marginal improvement and we lock up the division for the next few years, giving us a few shots to make a run. Real significant improvement and we could be the class of the league with a stout defense, elite running game, and a powerful X factor at QB who will continue to improve as a passer.
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