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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
This is why I find this whole "Teboner" thing assinine. I do not see tons of posters and threads where it is stated the Broncos won this past season just because of Tebow. But I do see a lot more in comparison of those that dismiss anything Tebow did and the team basically won despite Tebow even though they couldn't seem to win despite Orton. Funny thing is those dismissing Tebow as only winning against bad teams are also dismissing the entire team and this is the same group that is supposedly a QB away for greatness according to some. I doubt if Manning signs next year we will see very many posts after a Bronco win, that it was against a poor team so it doesn't really count.
I never said they didn't count. I did say there aren't nearly as many poor teams on the schedule this year.
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