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Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
After that game, I made a post on Facebook to a few idiot Steelers fans crying about their injuries:

For all of those Steelers fans crying about having so many players injured and using that as the main reason they lost yesterday, get over it! It's the NFL, and EVERY team has injuries! Here's a quick list of VERY important players that Denver was without yesterday:

- Brian Dawkins (starting safety)
- Chris Kuper (starting right guard)
- Spencer Larsen (starting fullback)
- Eric Decker (#2 WR led Denver in catches/yards/TD's this season, injured on the first play of the second quarter yesterday...thanks Harrison)
- Knowshon Moreno (2nd string RB, really could have used him with McGahee banged up right now)
- Kevin Vickerson (was a starting defensive tackle before injury)
- Ty Warren (was the other starting defensive tackle before injury)
Finally, not an injury, but still worth noting - Brandon Lloyd (former #1 WR, traded away mid-season)
What did Denver end up getting for Lloyd?
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