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Originally Posted by robbieopperude View Post
Problem is no weapons on offense are coming to play for Tebow and his 10 to 15 passes a game. Wayne wants 3 more good years so he can try and have HOF type stats. Clark would be a great fit in Denver regardless but I don't think we can get him.

Bottom line is if we miss on Tim we are going to have to draft him weapons because they aren't coming to play via free agency.

Someone else mentioned throwing a ton of money at Nicks the G from the Saints. That would be the best thing we could do for Tebow via free agency.
I'm just saying that Tebow vs Manning is apples and oranges. You have to make the comparison with the same players. If Manning goes elsewhere and
we keep Tim we are not going to have problems getting top O-linemen, Defensive players etc. It is just receivers that may not want to come here because of Tebow. The Draft can help there.

If Manning does come here, and then goes down the team is going to drop off no matter who is the backup. Putting the off season developement into him that he was promised by Fox and Elway may pan out. Maybe it won't...but the team does owe him THAT much, and they will look bad if they trade him for peanuts or less than his costs ( read first round pick or swap for equivalent potential....and that will take some splaining Lucy.)
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