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Originally Posted by LetsGoBroncos View Post
So he was 1-2 counting playoffs against teams over .500 but he went 7-2 against the other 9 teams, some of which were 8-8. Your point isnt a very good one. He still hasn't had an offseason or played enough games to equal a full season
That is exactly my point. Tim was good at beating teams that were of equal talent to ours. Well next year we have a lot of games where they are going to have more talent.

I have been saying Tebow would have to dominate against the AFC West because we aren't going to win many games outside of the division.

I like our chances in 7 out of the 8 games against the AFC West. I don't have confidence in us winning on the road in S.D. as of yet.

I guess we will have to see what the off season brings. We can debate this more if we don't get Manning.

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