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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
With an improved Tebow, Wayne and Clark its about 6-7 for Tebow, and with Peyton maybe 8-9. We still have to throw a lot more assets at the defense and Offense to get to that 9 win figure. And the Indy players are a 2-3 year rental, which does buy time for Tebow to try to improve, and for the addtional pieces needed to be added in 1-2 years.

I agree that investing in PM is the best thing for the team, but I disagree that Tebow only wins 4-5 games, if he is also given addtional weapons and coaching and a chance to perform with game plans designed to support him. ( read spread formations with more than 2 receivers before 3rd and 8 and a true pass catching TE and RBs.

I still would like to see Tebow stay in Denver, and we will not get good value for him in any trade.

Frankly, I don't care if the circus around Tebow ( not from Tebow but the fans and media) pisses Elway and Co off. They are being paid to handle it, and should grow a pair and deal with it in a professional manner, and stop looking for ways to get rid of him. Develope him, and DO THEIR JOBS.

Only if a trade gets more value for him than is invested, should they deal him. And they may regret it.
Problem is no weapons on offense are coming to play for Tebow and his 10 to 15 passes a game. Wayne wants 3 more good years so he can try and have HOF type stats. Clark would be a great fit in Denver regardless but I don't think we can get him.

Bottom line is if we miss on Tim we are going to have to draft him weapons because they aren't coming to play via free agency.

Someone else mentioned throwing a ton of money at Nicks the G from the Saints. That would be the best thing we could do for Tebow via free agency.
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