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Originally Posted by robbieopperude View Post
Just looked at that schedule again and with Timmy I think the over/under on wins is going to be 5 with a high likely hood on the under.

With Peyton/Wayne/Clark the over/under is probably 9. That's how rough that schedule is.
With an improved Tebow, Wayne and Clark its about 6-7 for Tebow, and with Peyton maybe 8-9. We still have to throw a lot more assets at the defense and Offense to get to that 9 win figure. And the Indy players are a 2-3 year rental, which does buy time for Tebow to try to improve, and for the addtional pieces needed to be added in 1-2 years.

I agree that investing in PM is the best thing for the team, but I disagree that Tebow only wins 4-5 games, if he is also given addtional weapons and coaching and a chance to perform with game plans designed to support him. ( read spread formations with more than 2 receivers before 3rd and 8 and a true pass catching TE and RBs.

I still would like to see Tebow stay in Denver, and we will not get good value for him in any trade.

Frankly, I don't care if the circus around Tebow ( not from Tebow but the fans and media) pisses Elway and Co off. They are being paid to handle it, and should grow a pair and deal with it in a professional manner, and stop looking for ways to get rid of him. Develope him, and DO THEIR JOBS.

Only if a trade gets more value for him than is invested, should they deal him. And they may regret it.
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