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Anyone who is arguing that we would be better off from a win/loss standpoint with Tebow over Manning needs a reality check. That just isn't true.

Now if you want to argue that you want to develop Tebow, save the cap room, and make a run at a title in 3 years when Tebow has a better grasp of the NFL. Well you can argue for that. I do have bad news though. We are probably only going to win 4 to 6 games next year with Tebow at QB and that schedule and he will be jettisoned out of here regardless by John.

This is a lose/lose situation for Tebow. Look at the schedule. The cards are stacked against us next year with Tim.
It's lose lose for the Broncos fans.. you are right that Tebow leaving is probably the best thing for him.. it didn't have to be that way though.. if the fanbase didn't let Elway screw it up it wouldn't be screwed up. This whole thing went to crap when he hired Fox. Fox never had a prayer of adapting to Tebow and Elway knew it...
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