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It does show how quickly things can change since just last season, most felt the Broncos would win only 5-6 games and they started 1-4 and changed QB's, still most did not see an 8 win team, much less making the playoffs and winning a playoff game. Now we get the Broncos want to sign Manning since they feel, as do some fans apparently, this team is not just a repeat playoff type of team, but a Super Bowl team all of a sudden. Even with a healthy 36 year old QB no matter how good, one has to wonder about that one. This roster is as good as the roster Elway had when he was 36? But wasn't long ago people were set on the Broncos drafting Luck and now, we have close to a Super Bowl roster. A team that was average at best, and horrible in others, in stats on offense and on defense except for running the ball, which would have to happen again in a new offense and different QB if Manning signs and likely less running plays to boot.
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