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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
And if it boils down to his "belief" that only shows how bad he is at his job. It isn't about what you believe. It's about the results on the field. And we won with Tebow. That should be enough to buy him time to develop and grow. But I'm beginning to think it's not really about "winning" so much as "winning his way", when it comes to Elway. And "his way" is going to wreck this franchise if you ask me...
And really I haven't even got into that so much as the hysterical Tebow haters who are desperate for anybody else to play QB. Elway should not have pubicly stated a thing about Tebow and starting next year if he apparently didn't believe it. You do not tell your players things that are not true. That is how a coach loses his players and an organization loses players who want out.

And nowhere am I saying Elway is wrong to go after Manning. If he thinks he is the better option, then he needs to do it, but it comes with a price. This is why I wish Elway would get off twitter and stop talking to the media so much about these things. Once you say stuff and it is in print, you can't go back.
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