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One tough selling point to Manning is that somehow the coaching staff, Fox to be exact, who is a conservative-minded coach, is going to open up the offense a bit. This idea that somehow Tebow will play at all with Manning at QB is fantasy. Manning will not sign a contract with the Broncos to come out of the game in short yardage situations and I don't see Tebow, after being told he was the starter going into camp and after feeling he had the job going into camp last season, willing to move to a different position. Not for the Broncos at least. Why would he? It is obvious the team does not have confidence in him, so why would he want to stay? Why would anyone want to stay in an organization that doesn't believe in you, and worse, after they tell you they do, but that was obviously not true? Oh, they had a chance to get Manning, but if they don't, they can now tell him they believe in him again? Until another QB they like better becomes available? Why should Tebow believe a thing they tell him now? I don't see a scenario other than trading Tebow now. Once trust is gone, that is rarely fixed.
The way this franchise has handled Tebow has been nothing short of shameful, and if I was him I'd actually be hoping for a trade. The kid was all-in with the Broncos, gave his all every play, and they haven't even had the decency to allow him some development time despite all his 4th quarter heroics and a playoff win. I really never thought the Broncos would be that type of franchise. It saddens me to realize they are.
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