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Originally Posted by bendog View Post
Barry's right. Elway is "unfaithful" to tim

Even if Manning ultimately decides against signing with the Broncos, Elway has revealed the truth: He's less than faithful to Tebow.

Read more: Kiszla: Broncos' Peyton Manning pursuit a crunching hit for Tim Tebow - The Denver Post
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And can anyone really argue against that? It doesn't matter what people think of Tebow one way or the other, the bottom line is he felt he had the job going into last season and now after being told he was the starter, they go after someone else and that someone else can be anybody for that matter. The trust is gone now and I don't see how that can really be repaired. They can tell him all they want about how Manning is a once in a lifetime get, but how does Tebow know they won't go after someone else who may become available? Because they tell him he's the starter? They already did that so why should he believe that?
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