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Not so sure that Tebow would be traded. We'd still need a reliable backup, and for some reason I have a feeling that Fox and Elway might shock NFL defenses by designing an offense where BOTH COULD START in the same backfield. Imagine for a moment the problems that would cause NFL defenses in preparing for the Broncos. Yes, it would indeed be revolutionary, but I can see it happening! Tebow could be a fullback/H-back type of player when the ball would be snapped to Manning, and a blocker as well. I don't see Peyton just being a decoy on all such plays either, as I can envision Tebow taking the snap, faking a pass or run, and then lateraling the ball to Manning to throw downfield to a confused defense, or throwing the ball right back to Tebow for a huge gain! CRAZY?? YEAH, MAYBE, but I LIKE DREAMING anyway!!
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