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Great week of practice!!!
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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
I think where ever he signs will instantly be a top 10 offense on paper. Adding to that, Wayne will prolly sign with what ever team Manning does. If thats us we'll have Thomas, Wayne, Decker and possibly Royal if he wants to re-sign. I think we'd also bring in Saturday and Addai.
Wayne, Thomas, Decker, Clark, and Royal would be a solid receiving core. Maybe draft a burner in the 4th or 5th round. Beadles and Walton are the weak links on the line. My guess is they would sign Saturday and either draft Walton's replacement or draft a RT and move Franklin inside. Beadles and Walton would both be decent depth.

Not a big Addai fan. I'd prefer that they sign a FA like Bush, or draft a back like Ronnie Hillman in the 3rd round. Or better yet, do both. Then bring "Sauced" into camp and see if he can get his **** together and become a Kevin Faulk type receiving back.

That offense would be a significant upgrade to anything we've seen this decade in Bronco football.

Fap. Fap. Fap.
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